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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Lily brings back into the farmhouse one of the tapes Dusty made for her years ago and hides it on a shelf in the kitchen. Katie panics when her dress rips 15 minutes before her wedding airs.

As she waits for it to be repaired, Mike enters and points out that she's obviously having second thoughts and therefore shouldn't marry Brad until they've had a chance to talk about their feelings.

Katie pushes him back out and later, Kim assures Katie that she looks beautiful. Brad assures them both that Katie is fine with having both Jack and Mike as his "best men."

Henry assures the minister that this will be an interesting wedding and he counters that he's actually trained as an actor and can handle anything. Tom tries to convince Margo to attend her sister's wedding.

But as the ceremony gets underway, the minister is unable to speak so Katie asks Henry to officiate as he did for her wedding with Mike. Seeing there is no matron of honor now, Tom sends Margo to WOAK.

She arrives in time to scare the hiccups out of Katie that stopped the wedding for the second time. As they state their vows, Katie faints. But when she comes to, she finishes the wedding and marries Brad.

Walking around the Snyder pond, Holden assures Carly that he knows what it's like to deal with rejection but she claims everyone knows that he and Lily are going to get back together.

Back at the farmhouse, Carly tells Lily that she and Jack are over. Lily decides to have a dinner party with her, Holden, Jack and Carly. Until next time on As the World Turns ...

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