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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4/2

Today on As the World Turns, Katie wakes up in Brad’s arms and chastises herself for sleeping with him again. She tries to sneak out but Brad stops her. Brad declares his love. Desperate to get away, Katie steals an unattended bike and Brad steals another and chases her again.

Brad fakes drowning until Katie finally tries to save him, and when she does, he proposes to her. Before stunned Katie can respond, they are arrested for stealing the bikes.

The site of Nevis’s bloodstain on the rug traumatizes Margo. Jack tells Carly their kiss didn’t mean as much to him as it did to her. Carly begs Jack for another chance but he refuses.

Carly drops Jack at the station and insists against his protests that she’ll come back to pick him up. Margo treats Katie and Brad as serious suspects and when Katie is humiliated to be seen this way by Jack. Margo lets Brad and Katie off if they pay for the bike. Katie tells Brad she’ll think about his proposal.

Paul shows up with a contract to purchase Emma’s farmland but he and Meg are surprised when admits she’s received another offer for the farmland.

Emma admits to Meg she doesn’t trust Paul or his temper, while Paul tracks down Emily and asks her to investigate the company trying to outbid him.

Paul makes a reasoned apology and appeal, impressing Emma and Meg.

Meg and Emma discuss whether Paul has really changed and are surprised by a visitor: Mike Kasnoff. Mike tells Emma and Meg he’s returned to work for the company bidding to development Emma’s land.

Chris brings Alison breakfast to congratulate her for dealing with the medical crisis so well but Emily isn’t happy to see her sister with Chris.

Emily warns resentful Alison against getting involved with Chris again. Susan asks Alison what’s going on with Chris and Alison storms off, furious her mother is checking up on her for Emily. Alison invites Chris to Will and Gwen’s going away party but Chris turns her down.

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