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As the World Turns
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Brad seeks advice from Vienna and Henry about how to get Katie to accept. The two offer differing opinions with Henry eventually betting Vienna a lengthy romp in bed that Katie won't marry Brad. Meanwhile, Margo urges Katie not to marry Brad.

She leaks to her sister that Jack told her he's not going to pursue Katie anymore.

Later, Katie overhears Lily pushing Jack to give Carly another chance. After Lily leaves, Katie tells Jack about the proposal and he encourages her to accept it if that's what she wants.

Stunned, Katie returns to her room where she cries and practices telling Brad she can't marry him. Back at WOAK, Brad decides to record a special show for Katie to show how much he wants to be with her.

Told that Paul's in charge now at Worldwide, Mike asks Emma if she would really sell the farm to him.

Meg quickly calls Paul who rushes to the farm and agrees to a challenge to make a presentation and let Emma decide. Mike pulls out drawings of their plans to keep the farm "green" and part of a sustainable community.

Impressed, Paul asks Emma for time to come up with his own plan. When Holden and Lily arrive and are updated, Lily suggests Paul and Mike form a partnership to make the purchase.

Everyone agrees so Emma offers a champagne toast in honor of the new deal.

Later, Paul calls to find out all he can about Mike. After viewing the tape, Katie returns to the office and accepts Brad's marriage proposal. A fire in the toaster brings Jack and Carly closer.

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As the World Turns
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