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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Emily agrees to deliver an anonymous letter to Mike from Paul. Mike reads it and Emily makes a call to Paul – who is very pleased. Duped Mike arrives at the field and picks wildflowers for Katie.

Mike gets impatient with waiting, throws away his flowers and heads out. Margo tries to convince Casey that there’s an ulterior motive behind Emily hiring him, but Casey doesn’t believe it. Emily defends her working relationship with Casey to Margo.

Emily tells Casey he can quit if the job will cause problems with Margo. An angry judge shows up and demands to see Emily. Casey calls Margo for help, but the judge locks Casey and Emily in Emily’s office.

Kim is disappointed that happy Brad and Katie don’t generate any sparks on air. She’s pleased when and angry Mike confronts Katie on live TV and reads the note he got aloud. Brad and Katie insist Katie didn’t write it.

Kim’s pleased that Katie and Brad are back to sniping at each other after Mike’s visit. Katie, now angry at Brad, leaves to check on Mike. Sofie comes looking for Aaron and Meg hints that she hopes Sofie is leaning toward Aaron romantically.

Sofie apologizes for running out on Aaron during dinner at the Lakeview and hopes they can be more than friends. Meg and Paul have just agreed to start dating again when Mike comes in and throws down the note. Meg asks if he sent the note and wants the truth.

When Paul won’t take responsibility, it makes Meg even angrier and she leaves – as Sofie watches. Mike tells Meg he wants to get Paul fired from the project. As Paul drowns his sorrows, Sofie comes in and vows she’s there for him.

Ameera’s upset by Noah’s lack of real interest in her, but covers by telling him it’s her birthday. Luke and Noah leave Ameera and go to find a present for her. Ameera runs into Casey who encourages her to admit her true feelings to Noah. Noah arrives home to find Ameera in her new dress, ready for her surprise.

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