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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on As the World Turns ...

Liberty watches as Brad chats with Katie about their argument. When she gets the nerve to ask for five minutes of his time, Katie gets a call from Kim so the two rush to the studio and discuss how to do a show on the deranged judge and his affair.

Meeting the nanny at the diner, Katie's impressed when Brad's able to convince the teenager to go on their show to tell her side of the sordid story. Liberty follows Brad to WOAK and waits for her chance.

Taking the girls to the park, Holden's pleased when he runs into Carly with her kids. As they talk, Parker suffers a spill on his skateboard. Holden calms Carly and offers to drive him to the hospital.

Not knowing he was eyeing Liberty, Parker blames his fall on the girl he was looking at but can't find now. Aaron complains to Meg that he hasn't been able to reach Sofie all night.

After she spent the night on his couch, Paul asks Sofie to leave but she refuses until Barbara emerges and assures her she'll take care of her son. Hearing what happened, Barbara sends him to Meg to apologize but he becomes angry when he spots her helping walk an injured Mike into the farm.

Later, Meg refuses to accept Paul's apology and orders him to leave her alone.

Barbara offers to help Sofie start her jewelry line. Realizing she forgot she was supposed to meet Aaron, Sofie apologizes to him.

He asks if she was with Paul all night and decides that he can't be with her anymore. Finding Parker at the hospital, Jack argues with Carly until Holden butts in and tells Jack to back off.

Barbara talks to Kim about how talented Sofie is. Liberty finally gets a chance to talk with Brad and tells him and Katie that she is his daughter.

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