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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 4.28.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Liberty claims he is her father, Brad stares in disbelief and then guesses this is a joke by Katie.

The girl pulls out a photo of Janet Jacobi who Brad recognizes as "Juicy Janet" from his junior prom night. Katie's disgusted when Brad privately admits there is a chance that he is her father.

Liberty quickly agrees when Katie insists that she take a DNA test. Afterwards, Liberty is upset to learn it will take a week or so and promises to call in a few days. Worried about her, Katie runs after her and they force her to call her mother.

After she leaves a message, Liberty admits she slept in the park so Katie insists that she stay with them when there are no available hotel rooms. Jack argues with Holden for butting in at the hospital.

Carly admits she didn't call Jack about Parker's accident because she didn't want him there. The doctor assures Jack and Carly that Parker is fine. As they leave the hospital, Liberty ducks out of sight as Parker tells Katie that he's there because a "dopey" girl ran into him while he was skating.

Out at the farm, Holden and Carly reconnect as their kids play a board game. Parker warns Jack that Sage gets upset every time he and Carly argue. Treating Alison for her flu-like symptoms on her first day of nursing school, Chris is caught by a nurse embracing her and later unbuttoning her top.

Tom and Margo push Casey to get a new job. Calling her "poison," Margo orders Emily to stay away from her son. Emily defends her mothering abilities but as she goes after Margo, Casey orders her to back off which Margo appreciates.

Emily later warns Tom that Margo will lose Casey if she doesn't back off so Tom urges his wife to trust Casey. Margo apologizes to him and suggests he go get his job back.

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