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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.7.08

Today on As the World Turns, Meg greets Mike who wanted to ask Emma questions about the farm. Mike tells her about his travels and Meg is charmed. Meg and Mike discuss Paul and Katie respectively, and share a warm moment when Paul enters. Paul swallows his jealousy, with difficulty.

Paul changes the subject to Barbara and asks Meg to lunch. Meg arrives with Mike in tow. Paul makes a special effort to control his jealousy and acts the gracious host to Mike, which Meg notes. After helping Barbara, Sofie apologizes for standing Aaron up. Sofie bristles when Aaron says he’s heard about her and Paul. Barbara tells Sofie she should be spending more time the Snyders. Barbara discovers Sofie’s talent for making jewelry.

Brad blows Katie’s mind by suddenly announcing their engagement on air. Katie is outraged at Brad. Kim would like them to get married on air, and Katie runs away from the madness. Brad demands to know if she really wants to marry him. Katie meekly apologizes but furious Brad storms out.

Later they two make amends and Katie says she wants to bypass all the craziness.

Brad suggests they elope and Katie agrees. Margo tells Tom that Katie isn’t over Jack and Brad’s strictly rebound, and he urges her to let Katie handle it.

As they start to get romantic, Margo finds out about Katie and Brad’s engagement from a TV news report and starts off half-dressed to stop it. Brad and Katie are on their way to elope when Margo stops them. Mike emerges unseen from the elevator.

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As the World Turns
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