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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on As the World Turns, Emily warns Allison to stay away from the guy. Alison tells her to butt out and learns from Chris that Emily almost got him fired. Hearing what she did, Alison summons Emily back and lashes out at her for drugging Chris.

Emily admits she regrets it but defends what she did, warning that the Hughes men always think of the Stewart women as second class citizens. She challenges Alison to tell Chris about her terrible past.

Meanwhile, Susan warns Chris not to harm her daughter but he orders her to stay out of his private life. Alison hands him a brown paper bag with a copy of the adult video she made and adds that she was also hooked on crystal meth. Chris assures her he'd still like to get to know her and thanks her for telling him the trutht.

When Dallas calls to get Jack's input on a case, Carly won't let him talk with him but Jack warns Carly he needs space. After he leaves, Mike surprises Carly with a visit and confides that his stay in Oakdale is for Katie.

Carly brings him up to date on what Katie is doing. Yelling at them in the lobby of the Lakeview, Margo boasts to Katie and Brad that she won't allow them to get married. Margo accuses her of "settling" for Brad and claims she's not in love with the man she intends to marry.

Katie ignores her and heads to the airport with Brad. There, they discover they've missed their flight and have to wait 2 hours for the next one. As they sit, Katie begins to regret getting married without their family and friends and decides to postpone the elopement.

Meanwhile, Margo leaks to Jack about Katie's rash decision but Jack won't do anything about it. Brad returns to force Margo to change her mind and though she refuses, she later assures Katie that she accepts Brad as her new husband. She offers to throw an engagement party for them.

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