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As the World Turns
August 25, 2008

Today on As the World Turns:

Alison assures Aaron that he wasn't out of line calling her his girlfriend and reminds him that she's always loved him. Offering to make her lunch, Aaron hides an engagement ring in her sandwich.

When Alison spots it, she jumps up in a panic as Aaron gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She turns him down at this time because she's not ready but hopes to be one day soon.

He invites her to wear the ring anyway. At the hospital, Chris helps Dani get her hands on the documents she needs from Mr. Mort in the morgue.

When a gunshot victim is brought in, Dani insists on watching the autopsy but faints at first sight of the victim.

Running into Carly at Fashions, as a nervous Lisa watches, Lily coldly informs her rival that she and Holden are officially separated and tells Carly she can have him.

After some thought, Carly smiles and agrees to buy the new dress she was eyeing. Seeing Holden trying to leave the Lakeview because of him, Mike urges his friend not to let this come between them but Holden points out he's sleeping with his wife.

However, Holden then admits that his marriage is over. Later, Carly calls Holden and tells him Lily told her to go after him if she wants him.

She suggests this might be the first day of the rest of their lives. Faith gives Lily a hard time about wanting to go out with Mike again. When Mike invites her and the others to Magicland Amusement Park, she reluctantly agrees to go but asks if he's trying to "buy them off."

In spite of the sexy dress she's wearing, Carly advises Holden that she seems to have lost the desire for him. He takes her up to his room and kisses her but she declares it over and walks out.

He follows her back to her house where he quietly announces that he's not giving up on her.

The two kiss but Holden hides when Sage returns and gushes about the fun she had with Lily and her boyfriend Mike at the amusement park.

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