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As the World Turns
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Weds., July 27

Today on As the World Turns ...

Carly advises Jack and Janet that the school complained to her about their actions at the carwash. They decide to give the teens more space and ask Jack to be the person to tell Brad.

When Brad and Katie arrive, Brad accuses them of ambushing him but eventually accepts Janet's decision.

As she tells Parker about how she handled her father, Liberty spots Leo lurking and runs off with Parker.

When he moves in to kiss her, she stops him and explains that she just wants to be friends because their parents' problems are ruining everything.

She invites him to join her at the school picnic but he refuses.

Jack urges an upset Parker to be a friend to Liberty so that he'll be there if she ever wants more from him. At the picnic Leo presents her with brownies from Java as an apology and then insists she eat one.

The brownies obviously affecting her, Liberty flirts with a confused Parker and then runs off with him when she spots Leo watching.

Leaking to Barbara that Meg is pregnant, Paul pleads with her to convince Meg to leave town for the sake of the baby.

Instead, Barbara calls the bank to close an account so he'll have the money to pay back the loan. Downstairs, Derek surprises Meg with a gift for the baby and she thanks him by inviting him to join her, Paul and Barbara for breakfast.

Paul is outraged to find Derek with Meg. After he leaves, he demands that she return the gift Derek gave her.

She responds by complaining about cramping. Dr. Schiller assures Meg that the baby is fine but warns about too much stress and traveling.

Barbara denies it's her signature when Bill from the bank shows her and Paul the wire transfer that was used to close her account a week ago.

Bill traces the transfer to a closed account in the Cayman Islands owned by the "Black Pearl" corporation.

Later, Paul is unnerved when he gets a video message from his father.

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