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As the World Turns
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August 28, 2008

On today's As the World Turns, James insists he listen to him or Barbara will never get her money back. Paul presses him about the cash but James insists on talking in person.

Later, Paul is startled to find James in his living room. James reveals that he knows Meg's pregnancy is threatened and that Paul did a bad thing in borrowing money from a stranger.

Threatening to tell Meg, James insists on moving into the wine cellar for the time being. Jack offers to help Janet find a place to live and invites himself to move in with her.

Janet questions his decision and points out that they have kids who might be unhappy but ultimately decides it's a good thing. Parker pushes away Liberty when she tries to kiss him and asks what's wrong with her.

When she won't let up, Parker leaves.

Liberty passes out and Leo finds her. Though Carly congratulates Henry on how he and Bonnie have organized Metro, Henry hints he's sad until Vienna suddenly pops into the nightclub and reveals she's back for good.

After Carly slips away, Henry and Vienna exchange apologies for what set them apart. But when Henry reveals that Bonnie is working there, Vienna backs off and lays into him for hiring the back-stabber.

Over lunch, Derek invites Bonnie out for dinner. Bonnie returns to Metro and gets into a fight with Vienna until she quits.

During a taping of their show, Brad suggests to Katie that they bring their show along on their honeymoon.

Refusing to say who is calling, Leo calls Brad to report that he saw Liberty going into the woods with Parker and that she might be in trouble.

Finding her on the ground, Brad and Katie wake her and she panics at finding her clothes ripped. She mumbles that she was with Parker.

Brad grabs Parker and drags him to Dallas at the station house. There, Parker denies hurting Liberty as Carly and Jack defend their son.

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