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As the World Turns
August 5, 2008
Official Recap

Katie reports to Janet and Jack that she witnessed Brad and Liberty having a great time up at the cabin. Janet is outraged and guesses that she thinks Liberty's better off being with her father.

At the cabin Liberty is grateful after Brad takes her out driving. Parker spots them together and gets a moment alone with her.

He tries to convince her that Brad's tricking her but she doesn't believe him until Brad confirms that Ugo is still in her life to keep her away from boys.

The two decide to take Brad's car and drive off but after they do, Parker guesses his dad has already contacted the local police so they ditch Brad's car.

Parker suggests they head to the bus station and take off to start their lives in a new city. Laughing at the idea of leaving with less than fifty dollars between them, Liberty tells him he's living in a movie and decides to go back, downplaying any future relationship with him.

Once Janet cools off, Brad calls and reports that Liberty has disappeared. Katie's forced to tell all to Jack and Janet who panics.

They eventually find the missing car and later the two teens. Meg is tormented by a vision of Sofie urging her to kill Paul.

After making an appointment for her with Dr. Michaels, Paul finds Meg cowering on the floor, screaming at someone to go.

When he tells her about the appointment, she lashes out at him and refuses to go to see the therapist. He insists but when Dr. Michaels asks that she be admitted for observation, Paul won't do it but promises to keep an eye on her at home.

Back at Fairwinds, Meg can't stop seeing Sofie who is telling her over and over that Paul wants to kill her.

Meg overhears Paul telling Dr. Michaels that Meg does belong in a hospital. Meg pretends to take a sleeping pill and then, urged by her vision of Sofie, opens the wall safe and grabs Paul's handgun.

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As the World Turns
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