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As the World Turns - 8/8/08
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Chris pleads with Bob to let him go to the lab to try to find out what's causing the epidemic at the hospital.

Bob reports that they have found the same synthetic, poisonous compound in Emily, Meg, Alison, Casey, and Chris.

When Kim finds Chris' new watch, she denies sending it to him nor does she know anything about the accompanying note.

Chris figures out that the watch and Alison's bracelet are covered with the compound. After hearing from Paul why he had Meg admitted to the psyche ward, Barbara takes a call from Rick Decker who offers his help.

She tells Paul about Decker's offer. Bob and Dr. Michaels advise Barbara and Paul that Meg could die from the compound so Paul orders Barbara to call Rick.

Barbara and Paul convince Margo to bring Rick to the hospital to help.

There, he offers to give the antidote to save Meg if they'll give him money and help him escape from prison. Aaron finds he can't get into the hospital because of a quarantine. Margo realizes that Rick is responsible for this.

Lily lashes out at Holden and Carly after catching them embracing at the farmhouse. Holden tries to explain but Lily won't listen and storms out.

Carly urges Holden to go after her but he refuses and announces he's done with her. At home Luke guesses his mother has some good news but Lily asks him to stop interfering.

Emma tries to get him to change his mind but he refuses
. After Emma pleads with her for her help, Carly confronts Lily who blasts her for being with Holden all the time.

Carly calls Lily a hypocrite because of her affair with Dusty but Lily explains that she knows that Holden is constantly thinking about Carly and won't tolerate it.

Holden moves into the Lakeview and calls Carly, asking her to meet him for a drink. She turns him down.

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