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As the World Turns
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

After Noah agrees to move back to the farm, Lily hands Luke a package addressed to Luciano Grimaldi.

Lucinda reads the document and explains that Damian has decided to give Luke some of his inheritance and urges him to accept the huge sum.

Lily disagrees. After some thought, Luke decides to accept the money and set up a foundation to help kids. He seeks Lucinda's help and invites Noah to work with him.

When Carly stops by the farm to ask Jack to move back home while she takes a trip, he turns her down but leaves before he can explain why.

But when Janet pops out after spending her first night at the farm, Carly realizes that they're sleeping together.

Jack stops her outside where she accuses him of trading girlfriends with Brad like they're baseball cards.

Hearing she's going to Paris with Neal, Jack decides to move back in until she comes back and later tells Janet she's not coming with him.

Neal confronts Holden out in the field about his anger towards him and guesses it's because he asked Carly to go to Paris with him.

Holden angrily denies it but when he learns they're stopping in New York first, Holden decides to fly to the Big Apple but lies to Lily about going to Louisville.

Bob tells Chris that he's not accepting his letter of resignation because of what he did to Alison but Chris won't hear it and admits that he hasn't give too much thought about his future yet.

Showing him the letter of apology Chris sent her, Alison is shocked when Aaron offers to move back to Seattle with her.

She thanks him, but decides that she's not going to run away. Bob arranges for Brenda to invite Alison back into the nursing program.

But when she gets the call, Alison becomes upset and angrily confronts Chris, ripping up his letter of apology in front of him.

He urges her to get back into the nursing program because she's going to make a great nurse some day.

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