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As the World Turns
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July 15, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Emily warns Casey that Tom has pout into motion his plan to take away custody of Daniel. Tom advises Daniel that some things are going to change where Emily is concerned.

First, the trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is canceled. Emily pleads with Casey to tell his parents that he has given up on being with her so that she won't have Daniel taken away from her.

Casey urges her to fight his father but she won't take the chance. He runs back home and announces to his parents that he is done with Emily.

Tom, however, refuses to stop seeking full custody because Emily was a prostitute. While Meg is explaining to Paul that his mother didn't kill Sofie, Barbara's attorney advises his client that it's a very strong case against her son so he needs help to make the jury think Paul didn't killed Sofie.

He offers to hire a forensic expert who's helped him in the past but warns that he comes with "baggage" as he himself is behind bars but allowed out with a guard to do his "amazing" work.

Barbara's stunned to see his expert is none other than Rick Decker. Barbara tells her lawyer that Rick is a serial murderer who tried to kill her and her family.

Rick insists that prison has changed him so she eventually states that "as her stomach turns," he's hired. Meg convinces Paul to tell Margo everything they know about Sofie's death.

After she hears the story, Margo guesses that Meg killed Sofie but she denies it. Barbara and her attorney arrive with bail.

Margo is disgusted to see Rick is helping Paul but when she tries to deny him access to the coroner's report, he shows a court order that will allow him to do his own autopsy.

As he begins to draw samples from Sofie's body, Alison enters the morgue and starts screaming. Chris jumps in to protect her.

Later, based on his expertise, Rick advises Barbara that only a doctor or a nurse could have killed Sofie.

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