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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Offering to send a man over to fix the driveway, Lucinda asks Lily what happened and is startled to realize she did try to run over Carly. Lily states that Carly slept with Holden.

When Emma returns from her trip, Holden reluctantly tells her about his affair. When Carly insists that he end the silent treatment, Parker calls his mother a "slut" and blasts her for ruining the family.

Carly chastises him for his name calling but when he asks how she could have done what she did to her friend Lily, she states that she made a hurtful mistake.

She promises never to do this again and insists she'll "make it right" though he doubts that it's possible. After assuring Barbara that Cole is behind bars where he belongs, Paul later discovers Meg's bloody body locked in the drug room.

While Susan reports that they've taken Meg into surgery, Paul calls Holden to request he come and donate blood for the operation. With Emma there too, Susan emerges from the OR and reports the surgeon's success.

After blaming him for bringing all this upon Meg, Emma's sickened to learn that Paul and Meg are married. Carly gets past Lucinda to talk with Lily about Holden.

When she claims that both she and Holden were tired of being alone, Lily asks if this is her fault then. Carly denies it but then Lily points out what her husband did after she kicked him out of the house.

In spite of this, Carly urges Lily to take Holden back. As Holden is about to tell Emma about his affair, Lucinda interrupts and spills the beans herself. After sending Ms. Walsh on her way, Emma orders Holden to fix this.

He calls Carly for advice and learns about her confrontation with Lily earlier. Drinking a beer, Parker goes running to Liberty and complains about his mother.

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