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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Brad goes ballistic upon finding Parker kissing Liberty, he grabs the boy and literally throws him out. He then sends Liberty to her room but Katie advises him that he needs to have "the talk" with his daughter.

As she listens from the kitchen, Katie can't believe what she's hearing as Brad stumbles through "the talk," essentially telling her not to have sex. After Liberty leaves, Katie suggests his effort fell flat.

Janet urges Jack to have "the talk" with Parker but he his son isn't interested in sex. Jack invites Parker to go on a fishing trip but the teen guesses he's doing this to prevent him from finding out about Holden and Carly.

When Liberty meets her mother for her first OB/GYN exam, Doctor Schiller explains to a disappointed Janet that she meets only with the patient. Later, Katie brings Brad to the same doctor who shows them some pamphlets she just gave a patient.

Brad reacts in horror to seeing that none of them warn teen girls that they can die from having sex.

Katie tries to calm him but later, when he finds Liberty at the diner, he blows up again when he also finds the bag full of condoms Janet just slipped her.

Janet sends her out and argues that she's trying to protect her daughter from boys like him.

While Janet pushes Jack to tell Parker about sex and Katie and Brad argue about how to protect his daughter, Parker and Liberty go upstairs to his bedroom to have sex.

Secretly meeting Carly at the Snyder pond, Holden confesses that Lily wants a divorce. Carly urges him to fight for his marriage, calling their affair a mistake, a fluke and a momentary lapse.

Holden disagrees and insists that they have real feelings. Going out for a swim, Luke finds them together and suggests Holden go back home to his wife and that he never see Carly again. Carly agrees that Holden keep his "distance" from her.

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