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As the World Turns
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Spritzing herself with perfume sent by an "advertiser," Emily heads out for her lunch date. When Casey invites them out to lunch on his dollar, Margo and Tom make side bets about the reason for the first-time event.

They're both shocked when Emily arrives and Casey announces that they are "going public" with their relationship. When Margo insults her, Emily storms out. Margo promises Tom that she's going to protect their son from Emily.

At the hospital later, Emily hands some perfume to Susan who is grateful because it's her favorite kind. When Casey finds her, Emily lashes out at him, calling Casey naive for thinking that his parents would ever get along with her.

Alison hears her yelling and interrupts. Emily walks out but later, when she has trouble breathing, she sprays more perfume. When she returns to Casey and finds him hugging Alison, Emily orders the "slut" to take her hands off him.

Meg stuns Paul when she admits that she saw a vision of Sophie in her wedding dress as they tied the knot at the hospital.

Later, after donning the necklace Barbara gave her supposedly from Will and Gwen, Meg lays into Margo after she advises Paul and Meg that the D.A. may want to charge Paul with obstruction of justice.

Alone for a moment, Meg hears a knock at the window and looks out to the Fairwind gardens where she "sees" Sofie again. She rushes outside and argues with the vision until she passes out.

Out golfing, Chris is bothered by Bob's comments about how bad his golf is. Bob worries when Chris becomes dizzy on the fairway. Chris shows off the new watch he thinks Kim gave him.

While Bob runs some blood tests, Chris worries when he has trouble breathing and starts sweating profusely. Alison enters the on- call room and finds him naked and in a panic.

What happens next? Find out in our As the World Turns spoilers!

As the World Turns
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