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As the World Turns
Thursday, July 3

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Today on As the World Turns, Luke introduces himself to singer Cyndi Lauper and convinces her to let him interview her for an article he's writing for the school newspaper.

He's taken aback when she calls him Luciano but she explains that she thought he was Italian. When he asks why she's performing in such a small town, Cyndi states that her campaign for gay rights is needed more in smaller towns where the truth is much easier to hide.

Admitting he and Reg broke up, Tony invites Noah to go see Cyndi Lauper perform. As Cyndi sings her first song, Luke and Noah can't take their eyes off each other.

The tension too high, Noah leaves with Tony but advises his friend that he's unavailable. As Cyndi sings her hit "True Colors" to her new friend Luke, Noah returns.

He takes Luke outside and confesses his love before they kiss. After thanking Cyndi, Noah stuns Luke with the news that he's enlisted and intends to serve his country while trying to find himself.

Though happy Holden has moved back home and the kids are gone for the holiday, Lily suddenly decides to invite Carly over for a barbecue. Carly turns down the offer but eventually shows up with Mike as her date.

While Mike's reassuring Lily that he's not Carly's latest boyfriend, Holden angrily asks his secret lover what she's doing. Carly defends her decision.

Later, lying to Lily about running out for some milk, Holden shows up at Carly's and admits that he was jealous seeing her with Mike.

He tries to kiss her but Lily's call spoils his plan. In honor of the holiday, Vienna brings Henry costumes to wear to celebrate the 4th.

The scheme works, as Henry can't take his hands off Betsy Ross and the happy couple has sex behind the counter at the diner.

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