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As the World Turns
July 4, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Katie and Brad learn their cameras have been stolen
. Jack is called to the station to handle the investigation. Brad's not happy to see Janet with Jack but she claims Jack's been a great friend to her when she needed him.

After Liberty promises Parker they'll have the house to themselves to do whatever they want after he finishes her homework, Dylan interrupts, toting a camera he claims he found. She ends up leaving with Dylan and Parker overhears his rival asking Liberty why she's hanging out with a kid.

Later, Janet spots Dylan trying to unload the camera he stole and is upset to see her daughter with him
. After Parker fails to tell his father about the camera, Janet leaks to Jack about Dylan but worries that Liberty will get in trouble too.

Jack enlists Parker's help getting Liberty away from Dylan who Jack then arrests. After Liberty accuses Parker of ratting Dylan out to his "cop father," Brad lays into Liberty for disobeying him and hanging around with a criminal.

Back at home, Liberty apologizes to Parker who admits he did her homework because he liked her. She responds with a kiss. After giving Jack some of her homemade peach pie, Janet boldly invites him to have sex as the fireworks start bursting over Oakdale.

Barbara's unconcerned when Lisa mentions how odd it is that Sofie has suddenly disappeared along with all of her things. Barbara suggests she's done it before. With Holden there to protect her, Meg faces off with Paul who admits that he screwed up by not telling her right away about Sofie's pregnancy.

He explains that he had to find out if she was lying. Holden orders Paul to stay away from Meg. Instead, he slips into the bathroom at the farm and assures Meg that he has taken care of Sofie. He explains that Sofie told him Meg injected her but Meg denies it and blasts him for thinking that she could kill a person.

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