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As the World Turns
July 30, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Finding an open condom package on the floor, Brad grabs Parker and demands to know what he and Liberty are doing.

When Liberty and then Katie urge him to calm down, Brad takes him to the station house where he shows Jack the open condom package.

Parker insists they were just kissing. Janet interrupts and lets slip that they already had sex. After Brad tries to attack Jack, he vows to break Parker's legs if he comes near Liberty again.

Jack warns him to back off and take care of his own kid. Janet then goes to talk with Liberty and warns her and Katie that "Brad knows."

After ordering Parker to stay away from Liberty, Jack advises Janet that her approach to the kids is not working so it's important that they stop seeing each other. Thinking he's blaming her, Janet gets into an argument with Jack who is astounded that she thinks every 15 year-old is having sex.

Brad introduces Liberty to Ugo, a huge thug of a man who is now her bodyguard. Katie warns Brad he's going to lose his daughter.

Liberty secretly calls Parker about her bodyguard. Finding Vienna packing her bags, Henry tries to turn it around by suggesting they go away on a romantic vacation.

She likes the idea but says he's not coming with her. Henry returns with a ring and asks her to marry him. Vienna refuses and claims she must go away to "find herself."

Holden argues with Lily about the two of them driving to pick up the girls at their summer camp. Surprisingly, he convinces her to let him accompany her.

However, when they arrive, they find Carly there picking up Sage. Winkie the camp director laughs at Holden's "two" wives and stuns Lily with the revelation that Holden and Carly shared a cabin one night.

Outraged, Lily is sickened when Carly admits that Faith walked in on them.

Carly insists she didn't suspect a thing but Lily takes the girls and drives off without Holden. Carly ends up giving him a ride home where he gets into another argument with Lily.

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