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As the World Turns
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

Luke covers for Lily when Natalie asks why Holden didn't sleep at home last night. As Luke takes the girl into the kitchen to make pancakes, Faith guesses to her mother that she and Holden are having problems again.

Hearing what happened yesterday at the summer camp, Emma offers to talk with Lily and decides to invite her and the kids over for a big barbecue.

When Liberty gives him a hard time, Brad tells her that she needs an "attitude adjustment." After Brad leaves, Janet arrives to pick up her daughter but Ugo won't allow it.

She calls Brad who rushes back to argue with her about how to parent their daughter. As they argue, Liberty slips out.

When Carly worries to Jack about Parker who won't talk with her, he leaks that their son had sex with Liberty.

She tries to talk with Parker about his adventure with Liberty but he laughs at the idea of her lecturing him.

Later, he gets a call from Liberty and heads to the Java where Brad arrived earlier and physically carried his daughter away.

As he drives away, Brad grabs her cellphone and tosses it out the window. Carly drops off Sage at the farm but when Lily sees her, she blasts her again for having sex with her husband.

Embarrassed, Lily realizes that a nearby Faith and Luke heard her. When Faith runs off, Holden tries to go after her but Luke insists he'll talk with her.

After Lily orders Carly to get out, Holden chastises Lily for harming their children. Lily claims the only way to solve this problem is to end their marriage.

When she runs off, Emma urges Holden to go after her but he refuses. Luke catches up to a sobbing Faith and hugs her as she tells him she hates their parents.

Luke explains to Noah why feels he must keep living with his family and not move in with him yet. Jack encourages Carly to take Sage and go to Montana to get away from all of this.

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