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As the World Turns
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's As the World Turns:

Margo's not pleased to come home and find Casey on the phone with Emily. As they argue, Tom interrupts and announces that he is taking her to the four-star Lake Geneva lodge tomorrow night to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Margo claims she can't go but Casey assures her that she has nothing to worry about. He then rushes to Emily's office and vows not to let her go because she's afraid of his mother.

Emily insists that he respect her decision so he reluctantly leaves. Though Tom has asked her to forget about Emily being a threat to their family, Margo wants to confront Emily.

Once they leave, a lonely Emily shows up at the Hughes' house and reluctantly goes inside with Casey who boasts they have the house to themselves.

When Tom gets a call and needs to go back to town, Margo enters the house and pulls her gun when she sees a half-naked Emily.

After Meg and Paul are married in the Fairwinds' backyard, Mike insists on talking with Paul. Meg refuses to go inside to see Barbara and watches as Mike shows Paul the jewelry he just found which he claims is Sofie's.

Paul remembers dragging Sofie's body to the garden but then gets rid of Mike. While they go inside to find Barbara, Mike eyes the newly planted roses and wonders why Paul would do some gardening on his wedding day.

Mike then questions Lisa about the day Sofie disappeared and finds out from a maid that Paul was at the Lakeview the day that Sofie moved out.

Inside, Meg confides to Paul that she doesn't know how long she can keep this up. Paul insists neither of them have done anything wrong.

When Mike returns to the garden, Meg catches him there and asks why he's so intent on finding Sofie. He mentions the roses and she claims they were added because of today's wedding. Meg runs to tell Paul who catches Mike digging. Mike runs to the station house and asks for Jack.

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