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As the World Turns
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Hiding Cole in the bathroom of her room, Sofie greets Barbara with an offer to have tea together. Calling her delusional, Barbara explains that she's there to make sure she knows that their partnership is over.

After Barbara leaves, an amused Cole presses her to explain what mess she's created.

Though Sofie wants him to leave, he calms her until they share a kiss and end up in bed. Afterwards, he offers to help her deal with Paul but claims that putting him in jail is not the way to do this.

When he suggests she take money from him, Sofie demands that he get out. Meg tries to convince Mike that Sofie is lying about being raped by Paul. She promises never to see Paul again if he finds proof about what really happened. Mike visits with Sofie who claims that she went to Sacred Heart School in Winnetka.

Jack catches Parker reading a book and learns he's seeking dating tips from an author named "Playa Dog." He urges his son to be himself when approaching the unnamed girl he's interested in and guesses that if he isn't, she'll figure it out.

J.J. interrupts and heads upstairs, complaining about a sore throat. Liberty is disturbed when her mother brings dinner over for her and Brad. Hearing Katie's out of town, Janet cleans the kitchen and then prepares the dinner for them.

Brad invites her to stay and when Janet claims this family dinner is just what her daughter has been waiting for, Liberty angrily tells them both that this is what Janet wants. As they watch a Cubs game after dinner, Liberty slips out to meet Parker.

Brad's surprised when Janet falls asleep on the couch and then pretends to fall asleep so Brad will let her stay the night. Liberty's not pleased to hear Parker's going to summer camp. Back at home, she's not surprised to find her mother on the couch.

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