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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on As the World Turns, Tom calls Emily to warn her to stop harassing Chris. Casey suggests to Tom that there is some truth to what Emily prints.

Casey then confronts Emily about her article and, as they kiss, she relates how cruel Chris has been in his dealings with Alison.

Casey claims it's her word against Chris' word. Emily asks him to find out what Tom intends to do to win Alison's case.

Going over his testimony, Tom warns Chris that his chances at winning an acquittal are uncertain.

Chris insists he is innocent so Tom pulls out Alison's porn DVD to show what he may have to introduce in order to win the case.

Chris claims they can't do this because of what it will do to Alison but then changes his mind and insists on winning.

Back at home, Casey can't believe it when he finds the DVD in Tom's briefcase. Tom catches him snooping and orders him not to say anything to Emily. Instead, he calls her right away with the news.

Hearing this, Alison considers dropping her case though Emily urges her to fight no matter what. Admitting it's all she has left, Aaron asks Chris to allow Alison to keep her dignity.

Tom calls Alison who refuses to drop the charges. Unable to stop thinking about Carly, Holden invites Lily to go away with him.

Deciding it's the most romantic place for them, Lily suggests that he go see Carly to find out what he can about her cabin in Montana.

At Carly's, Holden tries to put off talking with her over coffee and refuses to talk about their kiss which makes her think that the kiss meant nothing to him.

Meanwhile, Lucinda's curious when Lily gushes about how she and Holden are back on track and attributes her success to Carly. Holden and Carly end up at the stables and go riding together.

What happens next on As the World Turns? Find out tomorrow!

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