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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
June 20, 2008

Today, on As the World Turns ...

As boredom sets in around Oakdale, Janet, Brad, Katie and Jack all separately decide to go to Yo's for 80s night.

Jack welcomes Janet who is thrilled that Cyndi Lauper is going to be playing there soon.

When Brad arrives with Katie, he spots Janet and wants to leave but she insists they stay. Brad pulls Janet aside and asks why she's out with Jack.

She claims she's doing as he asked and asks if he has a problem with her dating him. Jack urges Janet to forget about the music that reminds her of her past with Brad.

After Jack drops her off at the Lakeview, Brad calls to make sure she got home safely. But when he asks if Jack is still with her, she hangs up on him.

Left alone to study, Liberty sends a text message to Parker asking for him to "rescue her." When he arrives, she admits they're alone and invites him into her bedroom

Amused to see his reaction, Liberty assures him she only needs him to help her study. As he lies down next to her to do her homework, Liberty invites him to smell the perfume she's wearing.

Done with her work, Parker excuses himself and leaves after she thanks him. As Lily searches for him at the stables, Holden presses Carly to talk about what exists between them.

Both confirm they're scared of what they're feeling. Carly urges him to fight for his marriage if he wants to save it but he confesses all he can think about is Carly.

Carly claims that they can get past this but as he leans in for a kiss, he hears Lily call out for him.

Carly quickly rides off before Lily finds Holden.

Later, back at the farm, Holden tells Lily he wants to put off their vacation in Montana for a few days at least because he can't trust the person he just hired to take care of the horses.

When Carly arrives with more pamphlets about Montana, she's curious hear about the cancellation.

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