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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Mike points out she should be at the hospital, Sofie refuses and insists he not contact the police either. Mike decides to confront Paul about the rape.

He's disgusted to find them on the couch, kissing and announces that Paul raped Sofie. Meg backs up Paul's claim that he didn't have sex with Sofie so Mike decides it's time to talk with Margo while Paul opts to handle this matter a different way by going to Barbara.

He admits he did sleep with Sofie once but refused when she invited him to have sex with her tonight. Meanwhile, Sofie returns home where she's later startled to find Meg at her door. Meg urges her to stop this before it goes too far.

Mike shows up with Margo who tries to talk with her but also gets nowhere. After Mike leaves, Sofie grabs the underwear she was wearing when she first had sex with Paul and smiles to herself.

Lily is upset when Holden explains he's heading down to Tennessee for a few days to go look at some new horses. When he refuses to take Faith with him, she guesses he's reacting to her again but he claims it's a way for him to get more time to think about their marriage.

As business picks up at Metro and the babysitter has to cancel, Carly's forced to bring Sage to Lily's, leaving Henry in charge. There, she finds Holden and remarks that she thought he would be on his trip. Lily overhears this and wonders why she knew about his plans. Holden covers and Lily agrees to watch Sage for her.

Carly confronts Holden about their relationship but he claims he's got to leave and doesn't have time to talk. At the Metro bar, Bonnie complains to Henry that he's the reason she was removed from the Gray Gerard case then realizes that they can work together to get the money back.

Vienna's not happy to see them chatting but agrees to out of her anger so they can work together.

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