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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on As the World Turns, Brenda announces that it's too little and "way too late" for her to remain in the nursing program. Outraged, Alison complains to Aaron who's impressed that she won't quit her job at the hospital. Chris is shocked to hear Brenda acted so quickly.

Alison confides to Susan that she told Chris they wouldn't be physically involved. Susan responds that she heard Chris was behind Brenda's decision. Alison confronts Chris as he dines with Bob and accuses him of ending her chances at being a nurse.

After she leaves, Chris assures Bob that nothing she said is true and then runs to warn Brenda not to say anything to anyone. Vienna complains to Katie and Brad that Janet failed to show for work at the diner.

At school Liberty presses Parker to ask Ashley out but when he gets the chance, he changes his mind. She guesses she wants her instead but Parker claims the kiss they shared was worth a "C-minus."

Liberty finds her mother at the hotel room and is shocked to see her black eye. Liberty tells Brad and Katie. Brad reacts by searching out Bud and threatening him. Bud confronts Janet and demands to know what she's doing. Brad hears her scream and punches Bud who calls the police.

In New York Noah argues with Luke about handing Ameera to the police. Coyle suddenly appears with NY cop Livia Gordon who assures them they'll handle Winston.

Luke doesn't like it when they insist that Noah help them trap his father but when Noah agrees, Luke insists on being there. Instead, Livia knocks Luke out. At the docks, Livia and Coyle hand over Ameera to Winston in front of a stunned Noah in exchange for some papers.

Noah sneaks onboard Winston's boat as he takes off with his prisoner.

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