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As the World Turns
June 23, 2008
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Today on As the World Turns, at the diner, Katie accuses Janet of using Jack to make Brad jealous. Janet denies it but Katie warns that she'll make her pay if she is.

Katie calms down and admits she still cares about Jack and doesn't want him hurt. Denying that he wants Janet for himself, Brad explains to Jack at the farm that he doesn't want him dating her because he knows the relationship wouldn't work.

He offers to set him up with Stephanie, the receptionist at WOAK but Jack remembers her as the woman with a desk full of stuffed animals.

When Janet arrives, Jack gives her a tour of the farm and upsets Brad by inviting her to come watch Parker at his tennis match.

Brad convinces Katie that they should go too and she's upset to find Janet there with Jack. Working with his tennis pro, Parker's distracted when Liberty suddenly shows in the stands. Liberty sits between her parents as Parker wins his match.

Sophie blasts Mike for telling Meg her secrets but Mike insists all he told her was the name of her high school and guesses she's upset because she got caught in a lie.

She counters that it's because of him that she had to drop the charges. Mike denies it but Sophie claims she'll never talk to him again. He urges her to get some professional help. Paul badmouths Sofie to Lisa.

Claiming that they're over-booked, Lisa asks Sofie to move out. Happy to be back at home, Barbara thanks Meg for taking care of her. Meg worries to Paul that Sofie switched Barbara's medicine in order to frame her.

Later, in front of Barbara, Paul gets down on one knee and proposes. Shocked, Meg accepts his proposal.

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As the World Turns
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