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As the World Turns
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

At the diner Liberty shows off her latest grade of 95 on a school paper. While Brad and Janet are thrilled, Parker grabs the paper and claims there can't be anything wrong. Liberty tells him to back off as do her parents.

Parker watches in amazement as Liberty gets Brad to agree to teach her how to drive if she keeps up the good work.
Parker takes her to a movie but before they get to the theater, Liberty suggests they go to her place.

There, he asks her to stop distracting him so he can do her homework. Brad turns down a drink offer from Janet until she invites Jack and Brad suddenly decides he has the time. While he calls Katie, Jack tells Janet that he doesn't like that she's using him to try to take Brad from Katie.

Janet claims that she's just enjoying the attention Brad shows her and offers her history of her failed love life. Jack leaves so Janet has a drink with Brad during which she gets him to admit that "it's never too late."

Afterwards, Janet insists Brad come back to her place to retrieve Liberty's shoes. There, she kisses him. Jack enters Katie and Brad's place in time to see Parker suddenly grab Liberty and kiss her.

Bored with the way his summer has started, JJ asks his mother if she can take him to camp. She drives him there and is pleased to find Holden there, ready to surprise his daughters. Carly and Holden end up sitting together as the camp talent show gets underway.

When the threat of a storm cuts the show short, Holden and Carly try to leave but a worried counselor Winkie forces them to stay the night when the threat of a flash flood might wash out a road.

When things heat up in the cabin, Holden tells Carly he's going to stay in his truck but the storm drives him back inside. After the bunk bed collapses, Holden impulsively kisses her.

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