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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on As the World Turns,

Luke's relieved when Lucinda arrives at the docks in New York. He's startled to find she brought the real Ben Coyle with her and updates them on what happened yesterday.

The real Coyle reports later that the boat Winston used has yet to leave the harbor. As Noah lets Ameera know he slipped on board, the captain of the boat tells an angry Winston that they can't leave the harbor until they reveal the names of everyone on board.

Winston catches his son hiding and reveals that a political group in Iraq wants Ameera back. She warns that they will kill her. Noah makes a passionate plea to let Ameera go which impresses Winston. But when he hears Coyle order him to turn himself in, Winston blasts his son for lying and dives from the boat to make his escape.

Noah blames Luke when Coyle arrests Ameera. With Aaron by her side, Alison seeks Bonnie's legal skills in suing Chris and Memorial, admitting she never slept with Chris but was kicked out after she passed a test.

Meanwhile, Chris tells Tom about the Alison situation and claims that while he talked with Brenda on Alison's behalf, he never did anything to get her kicked out of the nursing program. Bob admits that he thought Alison was doing a great job at the hospital.

Tom lets them know that Bonnie is handling Alison's lawsuit against Chris and the hospital.

Chris confronts Alison and asks her to end the lawsuit because her past will come out in court. She complains to Aaron and then Bonnie who claims this helps their case even more.

Holden's uncomfortable when the girls invite him to stay at Carly's for a barbecue with them, Carly and Lily. Holden admits that his time away gave him time to think. While Lily is encouraged, Holden finds it more and more difficult to fight his feelings for Carly.

After Lily takes their son home, Holden tells Carly things aren't better with Lily. The two then have a water fight while doing the dishes together. He agrees to take Sage horseback riding tomorrow.

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