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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, while Paul denies Sofie's claim that he raped her, Mike brings Sofie to the station house where she reports the attack

Meg seeks out Barbara while Paul finds Mike with Sofie and accuses him of putting her up to this. He warns Mike that she's playing him but when she pulls out the underwear she was wearing the night they did have sex, a quick DNA test shows that Paul is a match.

He's arrested for rape. In front of Mike, Meg gets Sofie to admit that she's not going to allow anyone to control her. After he's bailed out, Paul and Meg realize they don't really know anything about Sofie.

Meanwhile, Cole returns to Oakdale and surprises Sofie. When Tom decides he can't take Daniel and Casey to New York as planned, Emily offers to handle the trip. While Daniel attends a big concert with his friends, Emily suggests that he return to Oakdale tonight.

Upset, Casey leaves only to return to the hotel room where Emily takes him to bed. When Daniel returns from the concert, Emily and Casey hide what they've been doing and eventually, Emily opts to spend the rest of the night in the other hotel room.

Holden's uncomfortable as he waits for Carly to bring Sage for her horseback ride and calls Jack for help. Carly's disappointed to see Jack who claims that he thought it best if he were there to help Sage.

Afterwards, Carly lays into Holden for dodging her again and asks him what he's afraid of. Holden's about to confess his true feelings when Jack interrupts and Carly's forced to cover.

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