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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Chris calls to encourage Alison about today's test. She assures him she's fine but then tells herself that she's going to fail. Susan overhears Chris on the phone and lashes out at him for pushing Alison though he insists that she can handle the tough course work.

Finding her asleep and upset about her test, Aaron takes Alison for a ride on his motorcycle and, as a result, gets her to relax so much she falls asleep in the great outdoors as he reads aloud from her anatomy book. When Chris asks her to report back on Alison's test results, teacher Brenda Manning reports that she has failed to show for the exam.

Alison wakes and hurries back to the hospital where Brenda announces that there are no make up exams. Chris privately steps in and convinces her teacher to give Alison another chance. Aaron watches as Alison thanks Chris with a hug for talking with Brenda on her behalf.

Susan's concerned when she hears gossip about Chris "helping" her. Tired of him badmouthing her for tricking both him and Holden about last night, Carly accuses Jack of being upset because he spent the night and had a good time. At the farm Holden and Lily reconnect after making love.

Lucinda interrupts so while Holden runs to pick up their son, Lily confides to her mother what she did. When he stops by Carly's place to pick up Ethan and she leaks that she knows he was alone with Lily, he eventually figures out that he was set up last night.

He returns to the farm and lays into Lily for her chicanery. Though she points out he enjoyed having sex and waking up together, Holden blasts her for pushing her own agenda and announces that he's done fighting with her. Later, Carly encourages Holden to forgive Lily.

Luke confides to Holden about his problems with Noah and Ameera so he urges him to demand honesty from Noah.

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