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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Liberty's not pleased to find Janet is still in town and accuses her of coming back because of Brad, not her.

Brad thanks Katie for being so nice to his daughter. At WOAK Katie updates Henry on meeting Brad's former lover and the mother of his daughter. Henry's astounded to hear she got Brad to send Janet packing.

Back at the Lakeview, Brad enters Liberty's room and is shocked to find Janet there, wearing only a towel. He forces her to admit that she came back because she wants to be a part of what he has now with their daughter.

They're interrupted by Liberty who blasts her mother for going after Brad. When Katie calls asking where he and Liberty are, Brad opts not to tell her that Janet has returned.

Katie hurries back to the Lakeview and finds Brad laughing it up with Liberty and her mom over some baby photos. Katie confronts him about keeping this from her and resents it when he defends Janet's decision to return.

Thanking him for dancing with her the other night, Sofie presents Paul with a pair of cuff links she made for him. Barbara overhears her admit how special the other night was and interrupts. She announces that Paul has invested in their jewelry business.

Barbara later, warns Sofie that Paul will never fall in love with her. When Sally the neighbor complains to Meg about how her kitchen has flooded thanks to the construction work going on near her house, Meg tries to reach Mike but ends up calling Paul for help.

He rushes out to the farm and makes both Sally and Meg happy. Seeing Paul at the farm, Mike offers to throw him out but Meg defends his presence. Mike accuses Meg of being drawn to Paul but she denies it and wants to keep the restraining order in force...

... until next time on As the World Turns!

As the World Turns
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