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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on As the World Turns
, Alison is accused of sleeping with Chris to help her with her classes. Though Amy defends her, Alison asks Chris to forget about getting her any special favors.

Tom sees Alison walk off and warns Chris about dealing with her emotions. Emily backs off and orders him to stop when Casey comes up behind her and tries to kiss her.

Reminding him of what his parents would think, Emily claims that as far as she is concerned, New York never happened. When Emily realizes they can't work together, Casey decides to quit and later tells Margo.

Meanwhile, Emily instructs Gilbert the temp on how to be her assistant. But when she rudely yells at him, he quits. Lily lays into Holden for not speaking to her today because of her little scheme to give them some time alone.

As they argue, the girls interrupt and guess they're fighting. Alone with Holden, Lily lashes out at him when he refuses to consider she had any right to trick him the other night.

Sage presses Carly to see her homemade theatrical production with Jack by her side but Carly won't let her call Jack at work. When Holden brings the girls for the play, they convince him to stay with Carly to be their audience.

But when he gives Carly the cold shoulder, she reminds him that she was just trying to help him and Lily get back together. The play turns out to be a reaction to the kids' broken families.

Casey gives a message from Matt to Alison and she reads his apology for not treating her better.

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As the World Turns
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