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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on As the World Turns, when Carly tells Jack that it's time she start paying her own way at home, Jack tells her that she owes $2000.

Surprised, Carly admits she's a little short but will have it for him next month because she's opening Metro. Jack doesn't think she can run the place on her own and later, tells Emma and Holden the same thing. Holden guesses that Carly will rise to the occasion but Emma privately warns Holden not to get involved.

Later, at Metro, Holden tries to help with a leaky pipe and ends up soaking himself and an amused Carly. Jack arrives and finds them laughing. When Liberty adjusts one of her new tops to reveal much of her stomach, Brad refuses to allow her to go to school dressed that way.

After she "fixes" herself, Brad stops by the diner for some breakfast to go for the new student who quickly says hello to Parker. Brad asks Parker to keep an eye on Liberty during her first few days at school. He later confides to a stunned Henry about his possible daughter.

Henry invites Vienna to go on a vacation and she suggests that they get Katie and Brad to run the diner while they're gone. When Jack guesses that she's hiding her true feelings about Brad's indiscretion back in high school, Katie insists they're handling it together and tells him that her marriage is off limits if they're going to be friends.

Parker's concerned when Liberty jumps into the cold reservoir and wins $100 on a dare from five boys. Liberty offers a reluctant Parker half of the money for helping her.

When Brad and Katie find her all wet, she claims some girls pushed her into a shower at school. She convinces Brad to let her handle this herself which impresses Parker.

As the World Turns
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