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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on As the World Turns, Faith mentions the upcoming school dance, and admits that she told them that her parents would not be available to chaperone.

Lily complains to Lucinda who suggests that the dance will be the perfect place to rekindle her romance with Holden. When Carly finds a flyer about the school dance in Parker's things, Jack suggests they go as chaperones but Carly insists on going by herself.

But when she runs into Holden as she drops off Parker, Carly convinces Holden to chaperone with her. Noah reports to Luke that he found the missing letter from his father and wonders why Ameera would touch it.

Luke suggests he contact Ben Coyle, a friend of Lisa's who works for the government and has a file on Ameera and the colonel. Meanwhile, Winston surprises Ameera at her place and announces that he needs her help.

Coyle tells Noah and Luke that it's been years since Winston and Ameera have seen each other. Luke and Noah return to the house where they find Ameera gone with a note reporting that she has left and they can be together now.

At school, Katie blasts Liberty for having Parker in her room the other night without an adult there, spending plenty of money on room service. Liberty's unconcerned about breaking Brad's rules. Katie then gives Jack the bad news about Parker lying to him.

After Katie leaks that Brad is at home painting, Janet surprises him with some homemade lasagna. Katie returns home and finds Janet feeding dessert to a shirtless Brad. Janet tells them not to worry about Liberty's lies. Katie is outraged that Brad believes anything Janet says.

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