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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on As the World Turns, Liberty heads out for the dance with her mom and Brad worries to Katie about the boys who will be there. Katie asks him to enjoy their date night. But when Janet shows at the same movie theater and sits next to Brad, Katie walks out and won't allow Brad to return.

Carly assures Jack that she trusts Parker and knows what she is doing but he reveals that Parker spent the night at Liberty's place after lying to Carly about where he was going. As they argue, Parker catches them.

Lily is touched when Holden gives her a bouquet of flowers but then complains when he pulls away from her any time she gets close to him. Faith announces to Lily that she has a stomach ache and doesn't want to go to the dance.

Lily convinces her to attend by assuring her that she and Holden will be back to "normal" any day. As they host the dance for the kids at the diner, Henry tells Vienna that he's seeking money from Gray Gerard's estate.

But when he meets with the attorney, he's shocked to find out it's Bonnie who advises him that because Gray died without a will, he doesn't have a chance of getting any money unless he's a relative.

When he tells Vienna, she confronts Bonnie and blames her for not fighting for the people Gray hurt.

Later, Bonnie is fired for trying to help Henry. Parker is devastated when he goes looking for Liberty and finds her kissing Dylan.

After Holden refuses to dance with her, Lily berates him in front of the kids, demanding that he be her husband. Instead, he walks out. After Jack calms her down, Lily takes an embarrassed Faith home while Parker lays into Jack for arguing with Carly again.

Brad confronts Liberty but opts not to say anything about her kissing a boy. But after they leave, Janet slaps their daughter so Liberty asks Brad if she can stay with him and Katie tonight.

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