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As the World Turns
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May 27, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, an embarrassed Parker is forced to tell Carly that he has a date with Ashley Davis tonight. Carly won't let him go until she talks to the girl's mother first.

Afterwards, Parker heads out to meet Ashley but runs into Liberty who guesses that he's never kissed a girl and makes fun of him. Seeing him meet Ashley, Liberty follows them to the movies and ruins the evening for him.

After Ashley leaves, Liberty doubts that he'll have another date with her. While Emily is pushing Casey to come clean to his parents, Lisa stops by Tom and Margo's place and tells them Casey stole money from the bar.

Margo is quick to assume that he did this for fun and complains that he went to Emily to get the money to repay Lisa. Casey returns home and finds Lisa there. After she leaves, Casey tries to explain why he needed the money but Margo claims it's too late.

When Margo doesn't let up, Casey yells at her to arrest him and book him if that's what she must do. Calming down, Margo orders him to either return to school or be sent back to prison.

He complains to Emily about his mother trying to keep them apart but when Emily tells him they can't be together anyway, he returns home and agrees to go back to school, admitting it was Emily who convinced him to do the right thing.

Later, Margo thanks Emily who insists Casey's going back to school because he loves his parents. When the power goes off at the house, Lily calls Holden who rushes to fix the problem. Holden takes the girls out to dinner where they run into Carly and Sage.

Hearing the girl is afraid of horses, Holden invites Sage to come horseback riding with them tomorrow. Holden confides to Carly that he doesn't connect with Lily anymore.

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