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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5/7

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Brad catches Liberty with new sunglasses so she lies that she borrowed them from one of her new friends at school. Jack's not happy to see the violent video game Parker just bought and then asks where he got the money for the purchase. Jack brings Parker to tell Brad and Katie about the money Liberty won. Brad calls school and learns his daughter hasn't been going.

He lectures her about attending school but she's unfazed by his threat to "lay down the law."

After she leaves, Katie worries to Brad that his daughter needs more discipline but he responds that he's arranged for her to get the room next to theirs at the Lakeview.

He calls Janet to leave a message about getting together and Katie remarks that she's not much of a "hands-on mom." Parker can't believe it when Liberty skips school again.

Sofie urges a standoffish Paul to accept her feelings for him but he calls their night together a mistake, thanks to him drinking too much.

When Meg suggests that jail might be a good place for Paul to turn his life around, Mike disagrees because of the project at the farm and advises Meg that he'll protect her from Paul if her restraining order won't. He confronts Paul at the station house just after Paul's heard the charges were dropped.

He explains why he's free to go and reminds Paul to stay away from Meg. Barbara urges Sofie to forget about her son but she claims she's the perfect woman for her son.

Later, Lisa warns Barbara to concentrate on getting healthy again.

Instead, Barbara assigns Sofie to attend tomorrow night's re-opening of Metro wearing one of her dresses and Sofie's jewelry. Sofie asks if Paul will be there. While out for a walk with Mike, Meg spots Paul and confronts him. Paul states that she won't have a problem with him anymore.

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