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As the World Turns
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's As the World Turns, Faith and Natalie are thrilled when Lily returns to the farm and announces that she is here to stay. When the girls worry that Holden may come home late and find Lily asleep in bed, they convince her to go to him.

Jack arrives for the re-opening of Metro and offers his help. Relying on Holden, Carly claims she doesn't need his help. This leads to Jack and Holden exchanging words. Moving Liberty into the room next to theirs, Brad announces to Katie that they're going dancing at Carly's place.

Liberty's thrilled when Brad talks about an allowance and then decides to trust that she'll stay home while they party at Metro. Jack warns Katie about the problems of raising a teenager but she discounts his words.

Later, Liberty calls Parker and tricks him into coming to her new room at the Lakeview. When their business meeting is canceled, Mike suggests to Meg that they go to the opening. Barbara brings Sofie one of her original designs to help showcase her jewelry.

At the club Sofie calls Paul to let him know that Meg and Mike are there. When he arrives, he finds Meg alone at the bar just after she finished dancing on Mike's toes. He insists he's surprised to find her there. Mike asks Jack to arrest Paul for violating the restraining order.

With Meg's help, Paul talks his way out of it and ends up dancing with Sofie in hopes of making Meg jealous. Pleased with her scheme, Sofie tells Barbara she's anxious to start her jewelry business. As Carly takes Holden out for a spin on the dance floor, Lily arrives.

Back at the hotel, Brad and Katie fail to catch Liberty with Parker but are caught off-guard when Liberty's mother, "Juicy" Janet arrives. Brad assigns Janet to stay with their daughter. At the farm, Lily tries to kiss Holden but he backs away and claims he's not ready to make love.

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