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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.9

Today on As the World Turns:

Katie resents it when Janet interrupts her morning with Brad so they can talk first thing about Liberty. Eating downstairs at the Lakeview, Janet starts crying as she claims that she always dreamed that this day would happen.

She blames Brad for not knowing he was a father and cries as she complains that he never called her after they had sex. He points out that she should have called him to let her know that she was pregnant.

Discovering that Brad and Katie did not call Janet to come get her, Liberty warns Katie that she shouldn't leave her mother alone with her father.

Suddenly hungry, Katie hurries to the main floor and spots Brad comforting Janet. Curious why Janet contacted Brad now, Liberty claims that they saw their wedding on their show. Katie tries to get rid of Janet but Brad offers to give her a tour of the studio.

Later, Katie warns Brad that Janet wants him but he insists he only loves Katie. Janet tells Liberty she's not sure how long she's staying in Oakdale. Lily invites Holden to spend the day with her but he claims he's got some errands to run.

Frustrated, Lily seeks Carly's advice about Holden's distance and asks her to help get Holden back into her bed. As they drop their kids off at school, Jack apologizes to Holden for accusing him of going after Carly. Running into Holden, Carly urges him to give Lily another chance to make their marriage work.

Surprising Casey with a bottle of champagne and showing off the front page photo of him tackling Elwood, Emily suggests they celebrate. Margo interrupts and offers a heartfelt apology.

Later, after a chat with Emily about his mother, Casey runs home and accepts her apology, admitting it will take him a few months before he can find the right place to live. Back at the office, Casey asks Emily to stop comparing him to the very much younger Daniel.

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