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When Vienna meets Spencer at the station, she warns Katie about trusting the young new TV host. Katie insists that Spencer is not interested in Brad.

During their segment at the toy factory, Spencer and Brad uncover the owner's unsafe products. Congratulating her on a job well done, Katie invites Spencer to join them at Metro with henry and Vienna.

Katie then insists Brad drive Spencer back to her hotel.

She opens the door to her room and screams. Brad follows the police to her room where Spencer claims a man was in her room.

When she cries that she doesn't think she can be alone, Brad offers to stay with her and calls Katie to let her know.

Vienna guesses Spencer set the whole thing up.

Paul lies to Meg about going out of town on business.

In New York Paul hires an acting mom for a job and hands her a phony passport with the name Lucy Montgomery.

Warning her not to tell anyone of their arrangement and assuring her it's legal, he explains that he's paying for her to travel the world with "Johnny" for six months and write about her experience.

Emily advises Paul that a forger in New York recently created passports for Lucy and Johnny. Dusty flies to the East Coast.

Back in Oakdale, Paul lies to Emily that he was in Cleveland but when she discovers he was in New York, she calls Dusty who quickly tracks down the actress. He hurries back to Oakdale where he angrily blasts Paul for his scheme.

Paul accuses him of working with James. Meg warns Paul not to do that again or she will leave him. Margo presses Emily to tell her how Dusty faked his own death and snuck out of town.

Emily denies knowing anything but Margo doesn't believe her.

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