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Emily reluctantly agrees when Dusty asks her to make sure Meg is okay. Dusty has a laugh when Paul offers an apology for his scheme.

Paul orders him to stay away from his wife but Dusty accuses him of being crazy. Casey and Alison compare the opposite ways they handle depression from failed love affairs.

With tears in her eyes, a desperate Kim approaches Alison about convincing her son not to move to Africa to get away from her.

Kim's hopeful but Bob suggests they let their son do what he must do.

Hearing Chris tell the front desk he's leaving for the airport this afternoon, Aaron asks him why he's in such a hurry now that his marriage to Alison is over.

He claims that Chris is the reason his marriage failed.

Alison meets a hopeful Chris but tells him that she didn't end her marriage because of Chris. He decides he can't stay in Oakdale without her.

Later, she blasts Aaron for telling Chris a lie. Running into Emily, Casey guesses that she dumped him for Dusty. She tries to deny it but he wonders if she has told Dusty that she can't have children.

Paul buys her a drink and suggests that they work together so he ends up with Meg and she has Dusty. Though hesitant because of their past, Emily accepts the offer.

Casey and Alison later commiserate together on skateboards while Chris says goodbye to his parents and leaves for Africa.

Finding Meg's blood pressure too high, Bob guesses that Paul is the cause and suggests that he needs to be committed for treatment. She won't hear it.

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