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Katie urges Vienna and Henry to end the investigation of Spencer. Vienna refuses and mentions the locked suitcase they found. Katie decides not to tell them they can't do it so the two run to the Lakeview.

Meanwhile, Brad advises Spencer that Henry and Vienna were spying because they think Spencer has a crush on Brad. Spencer laughs and laughs, upsetting Brad who suggests that it's not that improbable an idea.

Katie returns and tries to delay Spencer from going up to her room. She secretly calls Vienna and warns her and Henry about Spencer.

Just then, Henry pops the lock on the suitcase and finds it's filled with bundles of cash. Urging them to get out before Spencer returns, Katie asks Dani to investigate Spencer and tells her about the cash.

Later, after Dani questions her, Spencer confronts Katie and Brad with her suitcase and shows it's filled with phony cash, explaining that it's for her autistic cousin.

Katie apologizes as Spencer asks why she hates her so much. When Katie tells them about the funny money, Henry and Vienna insist it was real cash earlier.

Margo refuses to consider it when Dani explains that she's applying for the profiling job at the station house and just needs her approval.

Margo confronts Jack out at the farm about finding Janet's mugger. When he asks if he's in trouble, she urges him to return to the force.

Leaving, she warns she won't ask him again. Janet convinces Jack to accept the job offer. Taking Janet with him, Jack returns to the station house and asks a thrilled Margo for his job back.

Finding Janet's wearing nothing under her raincoat, Jack wants to celebrate but realizes they have no place to go. He invites her to move in with him but she hints she's waiting for a "better offer."

Margo reconsiders the job when Dani admits she just helped Katie.

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