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Liberty warns her mother not to make a mistake. Holden offers Jack advice on his relationship with Janet. Confronting Jack, Liberty warns that her mother has always had a white knight fantasy.

She asks him to end things with Janet but Jack claims it's none of her business.

After Casey mentions the news is all around school, Noah's upset to hear Luke threw his hat into the on-campus political ring without telling him first.

Luke apologizes and assures him it's what he wants to do in spite of the grief it may cause him. Casey warns that the very popular Kevin is an almost unbeatable opponent.

Alison's affected when Aaron advises her she'll soon be receiving their divorce papers. She asks if they can be friends but he claims their friendship ended when she slept with Chris.

Alison joins the boys and offers Luke her encouragement.

When Kevin interrupts, asking for Luke's support in the election, Luke announces he's running for president too.

Kevin wishes him well. Casey points out Mark Vero, Kevin's campaign manager and frat brother. Noah suggests that Casey manage Luke's campaign.

Casey won't do it until he hears Mark make a "gay joke" about Luke.

He also enlists Alison's help and sends her to a meeting as a spy. There, she stays long enough to hear numerous homophobic comments by Mark about Luke being gay.

After she walks out, Kevin states that he wants to win fairly and won't bash his opponent.

Lily takes a big step and accepts a ride home from Carly. Invited inside for coffee, Carly hints that she s got a problem about Jack.

Lily urges her to stop being Janet's biggest cheerleader. Encouraged, Carly goes looking for Jack and finds him on one knee, proposing to Janet.

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