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Liberty wakes Janet. Carly convinces Jack to open the champagne, and as they drink and eat, Janet explains why she won't be there tonight.

The two continue with their eating and drinking until they almost kiss.

Jack tells Carly that he chooses Janet because she's as far from Carly as he can get and that he can't do "us" anymore.

He insists he's not trying to hurt her but is tired of going through this over and over again. As she leaves, Jack explains he'll propose to Janet tomorrow.

Instead, Jack arrives at Janet's place and, once Liberty forces her to answer the door, Jack announces that he's probably had too much champagne to drink.

Embarrassed by how she looks, Janet turns away until Jack announces that he wants to marry her. She shouts for joy at seeing the engagement ring and embraces him as she accepts the marriage proposal.

Carly starts drinking. Margo asks Katie about Spencer but then learns from Henry that the money he saw in the suitcase was real. Brad convinces Spencer not to quit her new show.

When Margo stops by the station to see what she can find out about Spencer, Brad guesses Katie's responsible though she denies it.

Later, after Brad and Katie can't stop arguing during a taping, Kim halts the festivities and announces that she is putting the show on hiatus.

Later, Brad hints to Spencer that he's worried about his marriage while Katie complains to Margo.

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