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Lucinda hints that Halloween's not the same without Lily's kids. Brian takes her ice skating, then kisses her and when she downplays it, insists he is attracted to her.

But before he can take her back to his place for a drink, Susan calls her to the hospital where she explains her MRI test shows her breast cancer has returned.

Lucinda calls Brian and cancels their "date" but doesn't explain why.

Aaron's defensive when Susan suggests that Alison doesn't really know her feelings. She urges him to go to the Halloween party at Yo's to find her.

Casey and Alison warn Luke and Noah about a homophobic video about Luke they found on the Internet. Logging onto "UsTube," Luke and Noah are disgusted by what they see.

Casey suggests they dig up dirt on Kevin and though Noah points out they shouldn't stoop to their level, Luke vows to win the election any way he can.

Casey invites Alison to flirt with Kevin to find out all she can.

Alison is outraged by the suggestion but then calms down as Casey explains why they need her help. Upset by the homophobic video, Kevin confronts Mark who insists its an effective campaign strategy.

Later, when Alison arrives, Kevin buys her a drink and admits that he had nothing to do with the video. She urges him to pull the video so he demands that Mark remove it.

He reluctantly agrees but guesses that Alison talked him into it.

After Aaron sees Kevin give Alison a quick peck on the cheek, he lays into her for finding a new boyfriend so fast.

Casey explains things to Aaron who thinks he shouldn't use Alison this way. Luke faces off with Kevin outside the bar and when he refuses to believe he didn't like the video, Kevin tells Mark to forget about what he said earlier.

Unaware someone has taken Casey's costume, Alison ends up getting a ride from her masked buddy.

When she figures out something's wrong, someone in the backseat covers her head with a pillow case. Noah asks Luke to drop out of the race.

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