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Emily claims he had no right to tell her. Alison asks Aaron to stop trying to cheer her up. Later, she is confronted by Chris.

She tries to leave but he grabs her and forces her to talk about how upset she is. He attributes it to her feelings for him and tells her she knows she shouldn't have married Aaron.

Chris invites her to come with him now that he's been offered a job that will take him back to Africa. Alison states that she can't leave Aaron.

After she leaves, Aaron confronts Chris who finally shouts that Alison slept with another man the day before her wedding.

Aaron confronts her at the farm and forces the truth out of her. After he walks out, she finds Chris and boasts that he has ruined her marriage and that she will always hate him.

At the benefit, Lucinda starts the festivities with an announcement that Worldwide is selling the land back to Emma for a dollar and that the money raised tonight will help create a public park.

Lily is dumbfounded when Dusty appears at the benefit.

He tells Margo about the shooting and insists Meg was just protecting him by not telling anyone that he was alive. Lily's upset to learn that Meg and Holden both knew Dusty was alive.

Holden admits he did it to keep her from knowing about Dusty. Holden offers to take her home but Lily asks him to dance.

Emily confronts Dusty at the station house and slaps him before she starts crying about the pain and sorrow she suffered.

He explains he had to do it to find his son.

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