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Kim introduces Spencer to Brad and Katie and explains she's hosting "Oakdale 411." Kim asks Brad to be Spencer's co-host. Brad doesn't want to do it but Katie convinces him to help.

Spencer shows up at their house, interrupting them as they start to have sex. When a bare-chested Brad answers the door, Spencer is smitten.

Emily accuses Susan of helping to fake Dusty's death but she denies it and is shocked that he's alive. Susan pleads with her to stay away from Dusty.

Feigning anger, Lucinda confronts Dusty at the station house and learns that James grabbed him before he could find his son.

Upset about Dusty's surprise return from the dead, Lily advises Holden that she wants to see him and asks Holden to accompany her.

They arrive in time to hear Lucinda ask Dusty not to tell anyone about her role. Lily is outraged and lays into her.

While Holden chats with Lucinda, Lily gets to see Dusty.

Holden is furious to find Dusty holding Lily's hand and orders him to let her go. Holden then orders him to stay away from his wife and takes Lily home where Lucinda explains why she helped Dusty.

Lily guesses she wanted Dusty away and points out it wasn't her decision to make. Casey and Alison commiserate about their failed relationships.

When he admits he knew she had sex with Chris, she guesses Dani told him. Kim's disappointed when Chris considers returning to Africa to work.

He explains that because he can't be with Alison, he feels his only option is to get as far away from her as possible.

Casey apologizes to Emily for his outburst the other day.

He wants to kiss and make up but she claims they can't be together anymore.

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As the World Turns
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